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Practices that improve emotional issues found in dogs adopted from shelters (fear, aggressiveness, anxiety). We work with all sorts of dogs, with different diagnoses and severity, in order to manage their various emotional difficulties. It’s a fundamental and practical course aimed at both professionals with a desire to learn or perfect a different working method, and for people in a dog’s environment who wish to increase their knowledge and management capabilities, in order to begin working on these areas. Write us an e-mail or or have a look at our Facebook site

Practical Course on Emotional Management by Matucan

Practice gives confidence.

A través del conocimiento teórico que nos ha traído la ciencia y del énfasis en la aplicación práctica de este conocimiento, formamos especialistas en un Adiestramiento respetuoso, vinculante, eficiente y persistente. Entendiendo el adiestramiento no como un todo sino como una parte muy importante e imprescindible que debe incluirse en la relación hacia los perros, tanto por las ventajas directas de hacerlo (educación, normas, comportamiento correcto en sociedad) como por los beneficios intrínsecos obtenidos a través de su realización (autocontrol, gestión emocional, vinculación, confianza, respeto, seguridad). Escríbenos o echa un vistazo en Facebook

Curso de Adiestramiento Matucan

Educación, la Rehabilitación Emocional y el Adiestramiento

Nuestros seminarios forman parte de la formación general y específica para propietarios y profesionales del sector canino con los que se puede aprender a entender mejor a tu perro, perfeccionar protocolos y/o conocer nuevas formas de trabajo. Nos importa la calidad y el uso real de los conocimientos que se adquieren, es por esto que todos los seminarios tienen el objetivo claro de que sean útiles para el día a día en el trabajo con perros y útiles en casa para tu entender y comunicarte mejor con tu perro. 

- Seminario Herramientas para la resolución de problemas emocionales

- Seminario Diseño y creación de tratamientos para la rehabilitación canina

- Seminario Introducción a la Etología Canina


Seminarios Matucan

Herramientas, Tratamiento y Etología

The confidence is earned! You cannot simply deliver it by magic. It is work, it is endurance, it is good will, it is security and it is optimism.

We design a wide range of workshops, excursions and interesting, challenging and enduring courses - the Matucan experience - for you and your dog. A combination of education, training and fun that covers all the needs of a dog: the needs of living a happy life by your side and as an individual. We show you, as in all our activities, to better understand your dog: why he does the things he does. Understanding leads to knowledge and knowledge leads to trust. Trust is the basis of a good relationship - a good bond between you and your dog. Write us

Workshops by Matucan - up from april

"Cuando la confianza es alta, la comunicación es fácil, instantánea y efectiva." (Stephen R. Covey, escritor)

Our first excursion, in spring, with the Matucan family: Canencia - estación primavera. We will be as always surrounded by very beautiful natural landscapes around Madrid.  Write us

Canine Excursions by Matucan

Fun, relax, play and a bit of education.

With this idea, together with the more than confirmed increase in the number of dogs in society, we have developed the training "Canine Education - the dog, a friend" with the aim of preparing children for positive encounters with dogs and transmit knowledge and understanding about them.

We consider this an essential training workshop for both children and adults, who are having a dog, will have a dog in the future or simply cross paths with them in the street in order to interpret their signals, respond appropriately and behave accordingly. Pending.

Canine education - the dog, a friend

Love and respect towards animals

We endeavor to not make these typical group obedience courses. Rather, we aim to teach you to observe dogs, comprehend their language and behavior both individually and in a group, and so understand, manage, foresee, and resolve any issue that can arise in day to day life. Socializing with other dogs, relating to humans, adapting to different spaces, and rules for living together are fundamental topics that can and should begin to be taught at 2-3 months of age in order to raise a good adult dog. You will learn how to educate your dog in a way that  is fun for you and your dog. Pending

Courses in Groups Puppies and Youngsters by Matucan

Better in company

En la actualidad la demanda en servicios de educación canina ha cambiado. La rehabilitación canina ha ido adquiriendo relevancia, como creemos que debe ser, en detrimento del adiestramiento. Esto significa que cada vez más gente reclama otras formas de trabajar, lejos de unos u otros modelos de adiestramiento, para resolver los problemas que sus compañeros tienen. Es imprescindible diferenciar entre rehabilitación canina, educación canina y puro adiestramiento. Este curso se centra en la formación integral especializada para la rehabilitación canina, actualmente el área más demandada por profesionales caninos y propietarios, en cualquiera de los distintos tipos de problemas emocionales que conocemos.

El curso se asienta en 4 pilares: etología, protocolo principal de Gestión Emocional, herramientas y el diseño de tratamientos. Escríbenos

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Curso Práctico de Gestión Emocional PLUS Matucan

Una nueva forma de trabajo

A new course that deepens a dog’s way of seeing the world by teaching it advanced techniques for searching for and detecting substances. Dogs will learn the techniques and resources used by professional dogs (those that work in security forces, as detection dogs, etc…). It’s an activity that is not only very fun, natural, and de-stressing for dogs, but that has a therapeutic component that comes from resolving any issue and helping balance dog’s emotional state. Pending

Activity Courses by Matucan

Searching for and detecting substances

We have created a series of workshops to teach you the fundamental concepts of the treatment and management of new dogs, so as to resolve any initial doubts you may have when meeting them for the first time. If you either work or volunteer in shelters, or if you do dogsitting, these workshops are unmissable. Pending

Workshops for volunteers and personnel in shelters and daycare centers by Matucan

Establishing trust